We are an artist collective working in a range of media, hosting collaborations with other artists and involving in cultural activities and creative community building. Our aim is to promote a more democratic ecosystem for artists coming from underrepresented groups and geographies. It is more than simply seeking empathy; it's about starting a long-term open conversation with others while embracing the anti-capitalist dream against marketisation and elitisation of art. We are interested in cultivating new possibilities beyond the traditional notions and the confined spaces of the art world.
Our collective is made of artists Esra Nesipogullari, Art Haxhijakupi and Dukë Aslani who have been creating and working in the arts for over seven years. Our shared knowledge and experience of migration, borders, and home-related identities have shaped our collective approach as artists, bringing us together to explore how these intersectional experiences might inform the development of a network of collaborations between ourselves and other artists with similar backgrounds. Initially inspired by the story of Anna Delvey Foundation and Art Haxhijakupi’s artwork bearing the same name, our very first project the Art Dream Foundation (2020-21) was born as an alternative for artists who are at the margin of gallery exposure. Started in January 2020 with the goal of building a network of artists and mutual projects that challenge geographical and political borders between creative communities in Europe, the ADF grew into a series of collaborations beyond the continent including online residencies and exhibitions, interactive web-based art projects, interviews, and profile features.