Kevin Kasekenya began DJ-ing in 2017. Member of RITUS, an underground electronic club in Gothenburg, Kasekenya is interested in growing the scene in his city and meeting nice people along the way. ‘As long as I can remember electronic music has had a big place in my heart, but it wasn’t until I moved to Gothenburg in my early 20s and started exploring the underground scene that I got in to DJ-ing and later producing. For two years now, me and some friends run an underground house club called RITUS where I’m a resident and have since then done events all over town. I got my first festival booking this summer. I wouldn’t put my music in to one category but the main influence are definitely house/electro and I do have a love for percussion, heavy grooves and deep pads.’


I rely heavily on sampling. It’s an important element to be able to relate to something you’ve heard before and make your own interpretation of it. Also, I like to take influence from all the different genres I listen to and merge it all into the project I’m working on.