Dan Chan (he/they) is a mixed media artist based in Liverpool. Growing up in the suburbs as a Chinese-English mixed race gay boy had a major impact on his perception of the world, where social systems pushed him to be seen as the Other. By moving away from home to study Fashion Textiles: Print at the University for the Creative Arts, Chan became more experimental with their ideas and gender in their work, which ultimately created the internal space for them to fully embrace themself.

In 2017 they landed an internship at Giles Deacon where they developed hand embroidery skills, high levels of detail and handcraft which are essential to their work today.

Chan enjoys travelling and the freedom that comes with it, as this allows them to ‘Be’ and live as their true self. They draw inspiration from their own connections, emotions and experiences with their racial, queer and spiritual identities. These elements show up in his work in various ways as they are reflective of his life at the time of creation.

Chan’s current practice explores the relationship with themself as a mixed race queer person in the LGBTQ+ community and wider society. These themes are entwined with their own spiritual experience and the impact this has on the self. Through this he takes the time to unlearn biases put upon him, by society, to create space to learn and meet their authentic self.  By working intuitively, Chan communicates through painting, printed and embroidered textiles, garments and sculpture. Each of these elements allow him to channel ideas in ways that are appropriate to the theme of the work.

Art Dream Foundation hosted Chan’s New Identities, an ongoing series of self portraits where the artist dissects different elements of the self to gain a greater understanding of what it means to live as a mixed race gay man in today’s society. Through this work they question the stereotypes of Asian men in the gay community and wider society, and the affect this has on the human condition.