Docx is a lover and a healer. Not a person, more of an idea. Created in 2015 by Alandre Porter; a black, queer identifying person from Pendelton, South Carolina now based in Madison, WI, his sound focuses on freedom and prefers to move boundlessly - *heavily* exploring escapism. For a long time, Porter’s musical identity revolved around pain. Lately though, (with the help of therapy) he has been able to think further than said pain and revolve his thoughts around healing. The most important aspect of his work is freedom. He never works under pressure but prefers to let things come.⁣

⁣In October 2020, Docx released Cathexis (an 8-track EP), and a special mix from this project was published on the Art Dream Foundation project.

Cathexis is about a lot of things, but the main character in ‘Cathexis’ is always Docx. Cathexis is about growing and caring about yourself in ways that you never thought you needed. It is about being selfish and going for what you want and letting your love show.