Kupalua, the young and transgressive Brazilian artist, is always in transit. They utilise their body as an instrument for liberation from a frail and exquisite existence.

In Brazil, the lives of women, LGBTQ, black and indigenous people are all under threat. Kupalua’s transcendental performance is a weapon against this menace.

There’s no trace of morals or frontier. It’s simultaneously extra-terrestrial and earthly-physical-corporeal. Travels from the interior of the pussy to outer space at the speed of light.

There’s no separation between nature-culture or body-cosmos. What is root and what is synthetic. Rooster, frog, rain, melodic voice, synthesizers, microphones and processors.

Blessed with the tools for entrancing, shocking, chopping, devouring and transforming. Kupalua is Portuguese for “arse to the moon”, which means “lucky”.

(words from texts by Julia Rocha and Victor Fraga)