Milena Adamyan is an Armenian visual artist and printmaker, currently living and working in Yerevan where she attended Armenian State Academy of Fine Arts , achieving a BA in Graphics.

In her practice, since 2015, she specializes in different kind of printing techniques such as monotype, linocut, silk-screen, etching etc.

Apart from that, she works on multidisciplinary art through photography, installations, video art and drawings. An important aspect in her work is the social injustice that women face in our modern times.

She has participated and shown her work at different events and exhibitions, most recently at the ‘Listening to Imagine’, which opened at Dalan Art Gallery in Yerevan in December 2020; Artist run Biennale Yerevan 2020, International print Biennale 2019, etc.

She works from her studio experimenting with mixed media, collages and texts.

Milena was guest artist at the Art Dream Foundation in March 2021 exhibiting a self-curated selection of images captured by her mobile phone camera into separate digital canvases.

Camera Roll was a photo stream installation that reimagined the way images are stored on our devices and how they become a site of memory and identity. The artist curated a selection of images captured by her mobile phone camera into separate digital canvases creating an experience as juxtaposition to what collections on photo apps organise for us to see and perceive as lived moments. These images were reinterpreted in isolation from their original context, offering a new form of narrative and relationship with the present. Images from a series of moments and  other momentary sources were chosen for the installation, creating an intimate variety filled gallery - beckoning and personal. Each series sets a mood, a tone, a playfulness or a pain - moving through time and the artist's private space into the fragmented context of war. Even then every image carries its own moment, stored somewhere in her phone and in her heart.

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