Forever inspired by DIY punk ethos and equally influenced by wave and rhythmic noise, Paško Gaćina has been involved in music since early youth, touring in bands, dj-ing and playing live electronics. On hiatus for obvious reasons in the 2020-2021 shitstorm, he has been mostly recording new music which will surface in one form or another throughout this year.

Art Dream Foundation invited Paško to initiate us into the mysteries of his musical energy resulting in a masterfully performed collection of sounds illuminating new facets of his creative construct.

Paško presents an exacting intensity of his choice in this 59-minute mix - an extension of diverse textures and an exploration of new ground through elements emerging in an unmapped trajectory that deliver a surreal realm of authentic imagination.

In late 2018 Paško started Ćelija together with friends Mormorsmor (1/2 of @tajga-tundra) and @djextinction as an adventurous club night in Zagreb.

Although unclear what form it may take in the future, this guest mix “hopefully offers a glimpse into what it would sound like, on the radio, after a year-long suspension.”