Alireza Amin Mozafari Art Dream Foundation

Alireza Amin Mozafari is a performance artist and director of contemporary theatre. He stages performance art and theatre events across Iran in galleries, theatres and unconventional places.


His practice includes live art, solo and group performance building relationships between performance and audiences. Artistic work meanwhile explores borders, wars, and human rights that emerge from living in Iran. He is constantly interested in creating works that challenge and investigate fear.


Born and raised in Tabriz, Iran, Alireza was only 12 years old when he started to learn and experience how to act and direct theatre in school. He later graduated from Mirak Art School at the age of 18 but went to study industrial management mostly due to the lack of opportunities in Iran. 


Being away from art school didn’t make him stay away from theatre. Alireza continued working on theatre even as a university student. 


At the age of 26 he used the text 'L’histoire des ours pandas racontée par un saxophoniste qui a une petite amie à Francfort' and hosted a concert-based performance at a private gallery with limited audience. This performance was a combination of paintings, reading from texts and music. It was after this experience that he realized what performance art is but there was nowhere he could study more about it. 


He began learning about performance art through internet and cyberspaces, even though he was experiencing this new form of art with slight fear. At first, only holding performances in his hometown Tabriz, after 2 or 3 years he started performing in Tehran and participated in some festivals to later host performances in major galleries in the country including Tehran's Contemporary Art Museum.


Most of his performances go along with a team consisting of 4 to 5 people, and are often interactive in nature. 


Back in November 2020, we hosted a number of performances on our website previously produced by Alireza, revisiting and reimagining them. One of these performances was Misery Elegist (Kabood Art Gallery, 2018) in which the artist pays homage to the dying lake of Iran.