Antonio Miucci Art Dream Foundation

Antonio Miucci is an Italian visual artist and fashion photographer, currently living and working in Milan.


Raised in Puglia (Southern Italy), he has moved to Milan, where he attended Brera Academy of Fine Arts, achieving the BA in Art and New Media (2017); after, he continued the MA in Photography and Contemporary Art.


In 2020 he has been shortlisted for the Palm*PhotoPrize, with a future exhibition at the Print Space Gallery in London; plus, he took part in an online exhibition curated by Ashleigh Kane on DER GREIF, We have no need of other worlds, we need mirrors.


He has participated in several exhibitions at Triennale Design Museum of Milan, Paratissima Art Fair, Galleria Ghiggini, Galleria Gloria Molino, Fondazione L’Arsenale.


Antonio's works, influenced by art, fashion, pop culture and humanities disciplines, deal with issues as queerness and personal identity, deconstructing the representation of cultural stereotypes in order to celebrate self-expression and authenticity, self-acceptance and beauty in diversity. Profoundly inspired by the concepts of the feminine, life, and rebirth, the symbols and the archetypes, he creates romantic/pop colorful scenarios, which are always in a sort of theatrical space, halfway between mystery and reality, characterized by a sense of strength, tenderness and refined elegance, embracing a world where everything can happen.


In August 2020, Art Dream Foundation hosted Arcadia, a collaborative art project between Antonio Miucci & Stefano Filipponi.