•Art Haxhijakupi•

Art Haxhijakupi (b. 1991, Peja, Kosovo) Based in London for several years now, Art Haxhijakupi is an artist and writer holding an MA in Cultural and critical studies which he obtained with the support of the Chevening scholarship. Art has been working for different art projects and cultural organisations throughout the years. Some of his works took place in galleries and other spaces including exhibitions in Kosovo, Serbia and the UK, as well as a few film festivals across Europe. His project Recollection (2017) marked his first film as director. Over the years he has also published his writings with different publications, most recently with Pilot Press (2019) for the poetry collection ‘Modern Queer Poets’, and produced the Anna Delvey Foundation light installation for an art exhibition in London (2020). Mixed with reactions to contemporary narratives of collective identity and elements of an oppressive upbringing, his art in general is a mix involving personal reflections on sexuality, pop culture, memory, home and migration.
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