Don't you see? Aurora Ulian Art Dream Foundation

Aurora Ulian was born in 1999, in Milan, Italy. Art has always piqued her interest since she was a child. She earned her diploma in 2018 from Giussano's Liceo artistico A. Modigliani, where she practiced painting, sculpture, drawing, and printing techniques. During those years, she looked for opportunities to show her work in small exhibitions. Her practice is based on the research of interaction with the audience and the piece itself, which could be an installation, a video, a website or a performance piece. She's currently exploring the sound and its absence, how the public interacts with it or how it does not. One of the factors that she found quite often is the duality which following the process, it becomes a connection between the space and the experience. This duality can be even material or conceptual, as ‘speak’ and ‘listen’ or active and passive. Not often we realise that sound is something it will never disappear since we are alive, and it can be a means to bring us back to where we belong: nature. She has based a few works on a slight provocation on various topics or a critical view, which makes the audience reflect on what surrounds us. 

Aurora is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts at University for Creative Arts in Surrey.