Demon Girl 1.jpg

Geo sometimes draws and this is the proverbial fridge to hang her crayon scribbles on. 


She does lowbrow art for therapy and recently bought some hotwheels cars despite being almost 30. She is anticapitalist and can also do cartwheels. She feels bad about being anticapitalist and buying hotwheels.


She likes the idea of building spaces to nurture and grow revolutionary consciousness and move towards a unified socialist utopia. There will be hotwheels at the socialist utopia. Nobody has to pay for them because money doesn't exist and the hotwheels will be distributed to each according to their means.


Geo was our first guest artist of 2021, and has transformed our space into a series activity of internet junk reproduction lines drawing references from various forms of mess to chaotic manifestations of self. 


Geo Kat has more art to come in the future, she needs a lot more therapy.