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"An art student who has no thoughts on changing the world. I’d rather struggle in the existing filth and only save myself. From what? From my surname more than anything."


I Am Not Shafie (Hamed Shafie, b.1997, Tehran, Iran) studies at the College of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.


Seeking new forms of expression while existing between established art forms, Hamed aspires to become an artist operating in a wide variety of media and genres. He is currently focused on video art.


Language for him has been an ‘obsession’ for a few years now, looking closely at the works of John Baldessari and Jenny Holzer. Even Laura Letinsky's artwork is an inspiration at times though the work doesn’t directly connect to language. Godspeed You! Black Emperor also help him find space for his ideas.


Art Dream Foundation is currently hosting Shafie's video art work titled One Point Perspective. 


Produced in December 2020, One Point Perspective is an autobiography piece aiming to imprint a different impression through each language, so much so, that a bilingual audience could maybe see it the clearest. Because subtitles are used as both aesthetic and conceptual elements in this piece, the artist had no choice but to translate the sections in Farsi in a separate file


“May language, in this particular case, be a bridge instead of a barrier.”