Former Seattle-based Kamilita is an independent producer, writer, singer and performer. After departing a career as a classical musician, with a fresh new style she began experimenting and producing her own albums, quickly becoming a mysterious talent on the internet. 


Her style is fleeting yet prescient, chameleonic but steadfast. The consistent thread tying together the musical acrobatics of Kamilita’s productions is her tenacious voice; all at once ethereal, playful, sensual and ultimately beautiful. By also creating striking visuals to accompany her music, in the form of full-length music videos and short animations, she demonstrates a 360 degree self-awareness of the internal push-and-pull dynamics that fuel her; painting herself as a kind of biologically-informed AI willing art into existence.


In the past few years, Kamilita has released a distinguished catalogue of experimental pop and new wave songs played on electronic instruments. This has won her a raft of enthusiastic reviews and an ever-growing fanbase worldwide.




(words from text by Brian Durr of Diskotopia)