Moozeic was born in 2015, the duo didn't know much about disco or making music in the beginning, so they embarked on a major journey of discovery before creating something to be proud of. Over the years, Joici and Manuella, both 22 year old from Vale do Itajaí, have learnt a lot about production and have also acquired equipment and technical knowledge. Their musical taste slowly started to take part in their creations and creative curiosity, exploring what was unusual and experimental, and changing the product of their work. Creating original music set them into an autodidact’s frenzy and made them become perfectionists. It was the slowest and most difficult way but quick things never attracted their attention. They wanted the echo of their music to last.

Moozeic believe music transforms. Through music they tune and connect with resonating frequencies, making them expand to a state where everything is here and now. Their practice has no standard genre — just techniques and lots of feelings. They like to take the audience on an extra-sensory journey. “We use our heritage with impactful elements, heavy sub-basses and drums. We come into a futuristic dimension with psychedelic harmonies and synths that mostly refer to space. Our journey is about integrating small parts in the whole, because the unity of pieces is what gives meaning to the mosaic, with each new fragment gaining an expanded meaning.”

The essence of Moozeic is in the progression of these elements, because everything is in constant transformation. They know not all transitions are easy. But that makes their work happen, same as the mosaics, be appreciated by those who comprise the whole.

m o o z e i c


s a n t a       

c a t a r i n a

b r a z i l      

c o n t a c t 

m u s i c

i n s t a g r a m