When was the last time someone washed your hands for you?

For most people this stops in early childhood. We are pushed to be independent from others, to show how capable we are of standing on our own, our “best” selves, and definitely not the version of you that needs help. The fact is though humans cannot live like this and be happy. This piece is about opening up by letting someone help you wash away the filth. Maybe you can’t sell your pain in a pretty package or place it high up on a shelf away from prying eyes but, more importantly, you cannot heal completely on your own either. People need people. We need time, we need experience, and we need love. When we allow just a few moments to make a mess for play we may find it disperses out of our control like other things in our life. It is not shameful to ask someone for help, let them see the situation for what it is, and to spend a few moments together saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”All washing submissions are available to view on this drive archive. They were submitted as part of Ali El-Chaer’s residency at the Art Dream Foundation project, in which Ali exchanged secrets submitted through an online form with the participants who submitted videos for washing.