Tara Vatanpour Art Dream Foundation

Persian-Azari, American, and French artist Tara Vatanpour practices multidisciplinary art through photography, installations, drawings, sculptures, paintings, video, ceramics, and performance.

Through her own perspective, she examines methods across memory to visually represent the phenomenon of trauma and the way we live our human lives. She has previously exhibited in Venice, Paris, and London.

Her first collective exhibit was with collective Action Hybride in “I am my body, I am my memory” in Venice, for the Biennale, in 2019. She was then featured in the exhibition “The Death of Art” by Sweet Art Gallery, and then for the second time with Action Hybride, she performed and exhibited her performance “Invasive Trauma” at 59 Rivoli Gallery in Paris.

Tara Vatanpour was our first-ever artist in residence (via Instagram) during March-April 2020.

Full residency material is available to view by clicking the .pdf below.