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Music selection by Figkott
Digital collage by Eremus
art dream collective · Figkott "The Playground" [It Was A Tight Corridor] #Qreclaim
“It was a tight corridor” is a project focused on the artistic process of worldbuilding and its documentation. Eremus – the project’s visual artist – collaborates with two DJs to imagine, describe and co-create a dreamlike condition of playful intimacy; a cruising utopia in the making. Using sound and music as a starting point, three imaginary spaces of play are created and presented digitally through a series of artefacts; the artist and the DJs will find, collect and construct various manifestations of these three spaces in the form of objects, sketches, texts, architectural plans, 3D models and video explorations.

“It was a tight corridor” is a project co-produced by Qreclaim and Art Dream Foundation.

“Room C: The Playground” is a collaboration between Figkott and Eremus
Giorgis Benias works between Berlin and Athens as an artistic programmer, event promoter and DJ under the alias Figkott. At the age of 20, he created the lauded club night Qreclaim, a forward-thinking electronic music event that has been credited for establishing itself as a unique focal point for the Athenian LGBT-Queer community. By showcasing an unexpected mix of international acts alongside local ones, Qreclaim has been widely regarded as influential in its musical scope, and for its take on sexuality and body positivity. Alongside Qreclaim, Giorgis has been and continues to create diverse events that prioritize spaces and resources for queer individuals, their expressions and their political needs. Having refined both his technical skills and musical taste over the last five years, he has created a network of other artists and likeminded promoters, and has worked in conjunction with programming teams for several festivals and club spaces. During Covid times, through his monthly Residency on Movement.Radio, Giorgis has had the opportunity to invite a range of forward-thinking guests and introduce them to his audience.
Eremus / GRΞTA
Eremus / GRΞTA (Alex Karantanas) is a performer, a mixed-media artist and a DJ. He holds a BA in Architecture and an MFA in Digital Arts. His artistic practice includes performances, multi-media installations, video art projections and the modeling of immersive environments, as well as video-manifestos based on his academic research. He mainly focuses on matters of gender, body and desire, through the lens of posthuman studies and cyber-feminism. His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions, festivals and events, including Athens Digital Arts Festival, Peloponnesus International Documentary Festival, KFFK (Short Film Festival Cologne), Aphrodite* Festival (Tainiothiki Online), Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Athens Biennale and Performance ROOMS2020.
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